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Network Security

Protect your network against hackers.  Increase your staff productivity by filtering website access, blocking spam, phishing and malware.  Increase network resiliency by adopting a real-time network failover and load balancing solution.  Untangle delivers an on-demand suite of applications that run on a single server and will change the way you think about network software. Learn more >>


Biometrics, RFID, Smartcards

Build next-generation business apps using leading-edge biometrics, RFID and smart card technologies.  Loyalty systems, stored value debit cards or electronic purses, and access control are just some of the apps you can develop. Fingerprint and facial recognition software from Neurotechnology can secure your systems.  Learn more>>


E-commerce is the next big growth market for brick-and-mortar businesses. We can provide you with solutions ranging from online payment processing, website hosting, shopping cart systems, to marketing services such as banner ad placements and search engine optimization.  You can even completely outsource your e-commerce operation to us. Learn more >> .

Mozcom Online Store

We sell a wide variety of products from prepaid internet access PIN's to business end-user solutions like biometric time and attendance, Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, and physical access control systems.  We also carry components for building secure applications such as RFID readers and tags, contact-based and contactless Smart Cards, biometric scanners, licenses and SDK's. Shop now!